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Great organisations are greater than the sum of their parts

Our philosophy is that...

Your people are your business, and your business is your people

What we do

We specialise in the development of people and the organisations that they work in

When Hatching Ideas was founded in 2018, we were frustrated with seeing organisations invest resources into implementing new people processes, but not investing in developing people to ensure they could navigate those changes effectively.

Since 2018 we have sought to deliver improvement interventions and initiatives for organisations that ensure people development forms a fundamental part of our process.

From your organisation's direction of travel, though to each individual's experience

Our work spans four areas.

What is the organisation’s direction of travel?

What is the social environment in which people operate and interact in like?

What people development is offered to support individuals and teams to work effectively?

What structures are in place to enable the organisation to successfully realise its vision, mission and purpose?

Our work is built around three core principles

Whether designing a people development programme or delivering a system-wide initiative, we’re clear on what our approach is and what is it not.

We do not seek to pick apart what our clients currently do, or to pull them up on what they don’t. Instead, we meet them where they are, with no assumptions or judgment, and help them to find and deliver a solution that works for them. 


Where possible, we seek to simplify the complex


To the context and the reality of who we are working with


Practical solutions that don’t create a dependency on us

Our clients

We work with clients who want the best from and for their people

The clients we work with span public, private and third-sector organisations, ranging from small single-site start-ups to through to complex international operations.

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Equip people to have the conversations that they know they need to have, but will do anything to avoid

Difficult conversations and feedback

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