Passionate about change, development, and growth

We design and deliver services that educate, enable, and empower others

So that the individuals, teams, and organisations that we work with can achieve their ambitions, realise their potential, and make their great ideas happen.

Impact matters to us

Which is why we combine the insights and approaches of two major fields...

Organisation Development (OD)

Strategic interventions that improve the processes and performance of an organisation to successfully evolve, change, and grow. 

Learning & Development (L&D)

Initiatives for individuals or teams that equips them with the capabilities and skills that they need to be successful. 

We pride ourselves on being an inspiring business that people love working with

That's why the Hatching Ideas team is so critical

Thomas Madden

Commercial Development

Rosie Minikin

Content & Operations

Ophélie Barbet

OD Projects & Programmes

At the very heart of Hatching Ideas are the employees and associates that are instrumental to our success. They bring a diverse mix of backgrounds and experiences to the table but they all share the same values and a common purpose – to empower others to realise their potential.

Interested in working for us on a permanent or associate basis? 

We are always on the lookout for talented people to join our team…

Thomas Madden

Head of Commercial Development

Simon Drane

Behavioural Development & Change

Heidi Setchfield

Administrative Support

Rosie Minikin

Content Strategy 

Ophélie Barbet

Project & Programme Delivery

Hatching Ideas is built on a clear set of values



We want to understand the perspectives and experiences of others



We make sure our efforts have a positive impact 


We work with passionate people, who energised by what they do


We are always seeking to learn, develop, and grow ourselves and others 

Our Story

It all started with an idea...

In the summer of 2018, Rebecca quit her job as Managing Director of a recruitment agency to do something different.

Torn between a passion for brilliant brands, a love of innovation in businesses, and an unwavering belief in the potential of people, Rebecca decided that rather than try and force herself into a pre-existing mould, she would create a new one.

By autumn of that year, Rebecca had founded ‘Hatching Ideas’, and the rest is history…