Case study:

NHS estates and facilities divisional capacity and capability review

Who are the client?

Sheffield Health & Social Care NHS Foundation Trust (SHSC) provides a range of mental health, learning disability and substance misuse services to the people of Sheffield.

What was the challenge or ask?

SHSC had recently experienced scrutiny by the regulator Care Quality Commission (CQC), resulting in an ‘inadequate’ rating and had recently launched a new Strategic Plan for the Trust’s estate.

In order for the Trust to successfully deliver against its new estates strategic plan, it was critical to ensure staff had the right capabilities and support in place; however, it was unclear if some the challenges faced by the directorate were due to issues with competency or a lack of capacity in staff.

Hatching Ideas remit was to undertake an impartial review of the current capabilities within the E&F department with the intention to help inform the Trust leadership of what additional support was required.

What did we do?

Hatching Ideas were commissioned in November of 2022 to undertake an in-depth capability review of the Estates and Facilities (E&F) directorate at SHSC.

Six key capacity and capability areas were identified at the start of the process as being particularly pertinent to the successful delivery of the Trust’s Estates Strategic Plan. Those areas were:

  • Communication and engagement
  • Ways of working
  • Commercial and ‘customer-centric’ thinking
  • Use of information and data
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Collaborative and partnership working

Four groups were identified that would provide different perspectives on the department (i.e., internal vs external). Those groups were:

  • Senior Leadership Team
  • Middle Management Roles
  • Wider Team
  • External Stakeholders

Specific questions were established for each of the cohorts identified to allow responses to be compared across the different stakeholder groups.

A total of 33 1:1 interviews were held across the E&F Senior Leadership Team, Middle Management and Trust Leadership. In addition to seven workshops for each service team (e.g., groundskeepers, maintenance, catering, etc.)

What were the outcomes?

A thematic report was created, meaning that the feedback and insights collected in conversations were anonymised and reported back as high-level themes to protect the anonymity of those who input into the process.

The only area where this was not the case was in the instance of the Senior Leadership Team where specific and identifiable feedback was required to inform individual support and development requirements.

The final report highlighted what had been observed (i.e., the ‘Context & Evidence’); what the impact or significance was to the directorate or the Trust (i.e., the ‘Impact’), and what activity would ensure improvement (i.e., the ‘Recommendations’).

”We found the resulting evidence-based Capacity and Capability Review Report and analysis extremely helpful, and it focused on the key areas where we needed to make improvements, such as succession planning, professional development, job description updates and team dynamics etc.”
– Pat Keeling, Director of Strategy

Some of the specific topic areas that the report covered included succession planning, capability gaps, mindset, behaviours, job descriptions, recruitment activity, development areas, working practices and patient experiences.

Hatching Ideas then worked with the Trust to communicate the results from the report to members of the E&F senior management team and subsequently the entire directorate.

Hatching Ideas has since been commissioned to support several elements in the suggested improvement programme, in partnership with the Trust.

”As a result of the competence and experience which Hatching Ideas have brought to the very timely work they have delivered to date (and which other departments in our Trust are now copying as a model for their own team improvement) we have now engaged Hatching Ideas to work with us to deliver our E&F Capability Improvement Programme.”
– Pat Keeling, Director of Strategy

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