Case Study

Recruitment and career pathways


Hunter Healthcare are award-winning recruitment specialists that provide senior management talent to the healthcare sector. With a reputation for high standards, and an aspiration to grow rapidly in a competitive talent market, their aim was to develop a consistent process for recruiting new talent, and provide opportunities for employees to progress in the business.

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Senior members of the Hunter Healthcare team had always been involved in the recruitment process, but as the business was growing this was no longer practical. A clear process was needed to ensure that the company's high standards were being consistently met when recruiting new talent.


Operating within such a competitive talent market, it was important that Hunter Healthcare provide opportunities for development and progression to all of their employees - from entry-level positions through to experienced hires.


The Hatching Ideas team worked closely with key stakeholders, such as the Chief Operating Officer at Hunter Healthcare, to understand what the ideal recruitment process would look and feel like for them as a business.

In particular, we wanted to understand the types of pressures that hiring managers would be under so we could develop a process that would work for them.

Hunter Healthcare had worked hard to develop a brand that was well recognised within their industry – the introduction of any new resources created for line managers and employees had to reflect the same standards.

Our aim was not reinvent the wheel, but instead to build upon the brilliant work that had been done already, updating resources that already existed whilst also plugging any gaps we discovered.  


To support them, Hatching Ideas focused on three areas of organisation development:

A new recruitment process

The Hatching Ideas team introduced a clear and visual process for hiring managers to follow - from the first interview through to a final job offer. Including custom made assessments in numerical reasoning, and accompanying guides so that hiring managers can analyse what matters.

Custom resource creation

The Hunter Healthcare team was left with a range of bespoke resources, including a pool of interview questions that hiring managers could select from that were aligned to the company's values, behaviours and competency areas; feedback forms and scoring sheets to enable fair decision making, and bespoke assessments.

Career pathways

Mapped out career pathways within the business for each service area, including the key criteria and expectations for promotion, what employee benefits were available, and the earning that could be achived.

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