What is an employee value proposition (EVP)?

Find out what the term “employee value proposition” means for your organisation and what it can consist of.

“We’re short staffed and our people are exhausted.”

“We can’t seem to attract the right applicants and when we do, they don’t even turn up to the interview!”

“Some of our best people are leaving or retiring.”

“The way we’re working just isn’t sustainable.” 

If these things sound familiar, you are not alone. The urgent need to attract, engage and retain people with the right skills, experience and qualities is top of mind for many of the leaders we work with.  

Although it is said so frequently that it’s almost become a cliché, people really are an organisation’s greatest asset.

As an asset, people have value. In order to attract and retain that value in your organisation, it is important to demonstrate the value that your organisation offers to the people who work there. This is referred to as your ‘Employee Value Proposition’ or EVP.

The contents of an EVP can vary considerably between sectors, industries and organisations. For some enterprises, there might even be a different EVP based on the site, team or country.

They can include things like: 

  • What the work environment is like and what beneficial processes and policies exist 
  • A description of the company’s culture, mission, and values 
  • What type of remuneration or bonuses are available
  • Opportunities for progression, training, learning and development 

Although it can be, an EVP can be so much more than just the salary or terms and conditions available in a job offer. It can extend to telling people what it’s like to work at your company, about the culture and experience. What opportunities they will have to grow, develop and build their career. The kind of recognition and support they can expect to get.

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Rebecca Bridger
Rebecca Bridger

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