Our people value proposition

An environment where you can both be yourself and better yourself

At Hatching Ideas we chose to adopt a people value proposition rather than a employee value proposition

Very early on in the Hatching Ideas journey, we realised that our success wasn’t just due to our employees – but to all of the people who contribute to our growth. 

The value we have is less about what we offer others, and more about how we make each other feel.

This is what our people say is our value proposition…

What is a employee value proposition?

The benefits that an employee receives in return for the skills, capabilities, and experience that they bring to an organisation.

Same, same but different

You feel safe to be yourself and inspired to find out what you can become.

The positive vibes

Some people give you energy and others take it. We’re in the former camp. Positive vibes, positive attitudes, and a positive outlook. 

As a result, even the hard things feel easier and, ultimately, the work we do is more enjoyable because we get to work with each other.

Able to be autonomous

Our people are valued for what they do and trusted to do what is right. 

This means an environment where everyone is encouraged to find a way to work that works for them.

To be given the chance

There is a shared committment to give others the opportunity to do new things, to learn new things, and to grow within their field. 

Opportunities don’t just happen, they are made. We make an effort to make them.

Raising the bar

People are attracted by the high bar we set. They stay when they realise they have a part to play in raising it even further.

Better together

Our community doesn’t just lend itself to collaboration and co-creation – it’s also where our compassion flourishes and our people come together to support each other.

We act as each other’s sounding board, take it in turns to muck in, and are always ready to give a helping hand. 

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