Resilience and wellbeing for estates and facilities staff

Estates & Facilities (E&F) services have played a pivotal role during the pandemic. For QTS – a provider of E&F services to the healthcare sector – this has placed huge amounts of pressure on staff. This programme looked at how this could be tackled.
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The client, Quality Trusted Solutions (QTS), are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust. They provide estates and facilities services to the healthcare sector, in particular organisations within a community or mental health setting. During the course of the pandemic, they played a pivotal role in ensuring the physical environments for patients were safe. 

In Autumn 2020, the NHS and QTS were facing a resurgence of COVID-19 cases, whilst also preparing for the challenging winter months ahead. This placed a considerable amount of pressure on the staff and the toll was starting to show on the workforce.

QTS wanted to equip their staff with the tools to help them cope.

"Our people are so important to us. We knew what they were going through was tough and we wanted to show them that we supported them."


The programme’s design was led by Hatching Ideas team member, Simon Drane, who talked with various members of the QTS team to understand “What will work?” and “What will make the most impact?”

In particular, Simon noted: 

In the design and delivery of the programmes, Simon made sure to include: 

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Practical Skills

It was important that the individuals didn't just understand why they reacted the way they did to pressure - but what they could do to regain control

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Mixed Groups

Instead of grouping the sessions by service we randomised them - this gave individuals from different teams (and different levels) the chance to engage with each other

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Fun Interactions

Everyone has different levels of Zoom/Teams fatigue. With delivery being virtual, there was a risk that the sessions felt like a lecture - we wanted to make the sessions feel like a break from the working day

"It can be hard to find a provider who gets what we're going through - Hatching Ideas have always done that. That's why we trust them."


At the end of every session, we asked attendees for their feedback…

Gave a five star rating
Felt we created a safe, trusting and open environment
Would recommend to a friend or colleague

Jason Harbert

Compliance Manager

The best part of the sessions was Simon's openness,  and understanding, whilst also trying to get people engaged with the process and out of their comfort zones a little!!

David Wickenden

Audit Officer - Hard FM

The relaxed atmosphere and the sense of being valued and appreciated

Sam Bridgman

Facilities Officer

Simon helped to facilitate a welcoming and open environment, not only providing key information but through lived experience. His warm and open manner put me at ease very early on and also provoked extremely thoughtful and proactive discussions. Information was easy to process, and I will definitely take a few of the techniques forward to support my wellbeing.

Colin Cope

Associate Director - Estates

Very informative -  it is important to ensure we look after ourselves and that we protect ourselves and have self-belief.

Keith Davies

Head of Estates Support

Interactive, positive and respectful environment.

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