Thomas Madden

Head of Commercial Development

"I've always been interested in people"

I studied Psychology at university where my dissertation was written about psychological motivations and the pursuit of the “ideal job”. This led, rather naturally, into a career in recruitment, where I worked for several businesses recruiting broadly from top tier consultancy firms to the NHS. 

Hatching Ideas is a continuation of this interest as we work to help understand, develop and support people and businesses to achieve their goals.

Why Hatching Ideas?

I joined Hatching Ideas because quite simply I believe in what we are offering to the market. 

I have worked for Rebecca in a previous role and have seen first-hand the positive impact that her work can have on a business and the individuals in it. 

The world of work is changing and this brings challenges, for both employees and employers. Hatching Ideas consultancy model is built to foster long term partnerships. 

Our initial engagements are focused on the client: their pressure points; where they are in their journey; what is needed and when. This definition stage allows us to tailor our delivery to the specific needs of the business and to time and frame our interventions so that they suit you. I believe that this collaborative approach is the best way to get the right results, delivered in the right fashion.

Outside of Work

I have a pretty eclectic mix of interests. I am a keen sportsman (though more of the armchair variety these days), in particular rugby and cricket, where I am a committee member for my club. I am a hoster of dinner parties (when the world allows me to) and a lover of pub quizzes – which resulted in me being one of the few people who didn’t get tired of the relentless Zoom quizzing of 2020.

I also fully embrace my nerd side with a passion for fantasy books, Dungeons & Dragons and I spent lockdown getting back into my childhood hobby, Warhammer 40,000. Very happy for people to reach out directly to discuss any of the above under the pretence of having a “work call” 😉.


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