Human Skills
Many of us have had to work in unexpected ways in response to the unprecedented events of the last year. We are researching what capabilities matter to individuals, teams, and organisations as we work with, manage, and lead others in our current climate.
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Part 1: What Human Capabilities Matter Right Now?

In light of the pandemic, we want to know what skills you think are particularly relevant in the workplace - wherever that workplace might be for you.

What are, in your opinion, the top five most relevant human skills for individuals when...
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Part 2: Why Do These Capabilities Matter?

We feel these capabilities matter but do you? And if so, why? We want to understand your perspective.
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Part 3: Where Are You? Your Team? Your Organisation?

We want to understand where you feel you are on your journey to develop these human capabilities further.

Part 4: Investment in Capability Development

We want to find out what you, your organisation, and the industry you work in is doing to invest in developing these human capabilities.

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Want to go further?

We are the coupling the results of this survey with more indepth qualitative interviews.
This would take the form of a short 15-20 minute interview.