Balancing performance with wellbeing can seem like a paradox

We all know that operating from a state of wellbeing will mean that you will perform at your best but with all the pressures of life, that can feel impossible to achieve 

Our resilience and wellbeing programmes are here to help

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New Case Study!

During COVID-19, our experience of working with the healthcare sector, one of the highest pressure sectors in the world, provided us with a unique insight into what did and didn’t work.

Did you know?

Research by Deloitte has revealed an 8:1 return on investment from introducing mandatory development in resilience and wellbeing

Whether you need team-specific support or a
company-wide programme, we adopt a
holistic approach

That builds an understanding of three critical elements...

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Your state of wellbeing

Understanding when and how you are the best version of yourself, so that great days become a common occurrence rather than a rarity

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Reactive Resilience

Your individual response to pressure, and how to handle it, so you can keep your head when your challenging yourself or others

Proactive Prevention

Know how to cope with the stressors that everyday life throws at you, so that molehills don't turn into mountains

All of our learning and development services are coupled with organisation development

The Hatching Idea’s approach to Resilience and Wellbeing goes beyond just the individual to impacts the team you work with, and the organisation you operate in.

Receive strategic suggestions and changes to the organisation and the context you operate in that make a meaningful impact

We complement individuals and team with the organisation

All of our learning and development programmes are coupled with organisation development for impactful change

We couple organisation design and development interventions with learning and development initiatives for individuals and teams to ensure impactful change.

We’ve seen many resilience and wellbeing interventions fall, frustratingly, short. This is often because individual behaviour isn’t truly replicated by adaptations in the organisation. 

Such as line management training, that only some line managers attend. Or a company-wide commitment to talk to each other instead of relying on emails but only some team members actually pick up the phone.

The Hatching Idea’s approach to Resilience and Wellbeing goes beyond just the individual to the team you work with, and the organisation you operate in.

Receive strategic suggestions and changes to the organisation and the context you operate in that make a meaningful impact

All our programmes are delivered by experienced practioners

Our resilience and wellbeing programmes were designed and developed by subject matter expert Simon Drane

In a career spanning almost two decades, Simon has a track record in applying psychological principles to enable elite Olympic-level athletes and business professionals to enhance their performance, reach their goals and achieve their ambitions

Head Shot - Simon

We have worked in a wide range of high-pressure environments

From elite athletes needing to perform in front of the public, through to key workers in healthcare coping with the pressures of the pandemic. All of our programmes include:

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Tailored tools

Designed to work where you work. We make sure you have unlimited access to the tools we talk about in our programmes so they're there when you need them

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Blended learning

Delivery is through a combination of online courses, virtual group workshops, and 1:1 coaching to ensure we cater to different learning preferences and sector needs

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Pre-Made Programmes
Bespoke Programmes

There are some instant changes that you can make to the way you live and work, regardless of the industry or sector you work in, that are universally effective.

Through our work in coaching, facilitation, psychology, and organisation development, we have seen first-hand what does (and does not) achieve high levels of both performance and wellbeing. 

Our pre-made programmes share with you these universally effective changes and techniques. 

Virtual Workshops

Roll out a series of virtual workshops to your team without fuss. We have programmes that are suitable for different audiences that require no customisation to be effective. All designed and hosted by subject-matter expert Simon Drane.

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Online Courses - Coming Soon!

Our subscription and membership-based online courses are coming soon. If you want to best one of the first to find out, sign up for more information..

Sometimes, off the peg just won’t work. Every sector, industry, organisation, and team has its own quirks. Some are more pressing than others. 

Do you or your team have specific requirements that need to be taken into consideration which thinking about providing a resilience and wellbeing programme? Some of the scenarios where we recognise a different technique is required include: 

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Bespoke Workshops

Depending upon the needs, we take our pre-made programmes and tweak - dialling up and down according to your requirements.

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What do our programmes cover?

Different sectors and organisations have different needs. Therefore we try to make sure

  • Your Context, Your Reality
  • Reactive Resilience
  • Proactive Prevention

How you know how you are doing

We equip you with a tool so you can identify how you are doing at any given moment, and use to have a frank conversation with others about how they are doing. 

We will also:

  • Assess the accuracy of your self-awareness data
  • Provide a range of extremely tangible wellbeing ‘top trumps’ to apply immediately 
  • Ensure you know how to integrate the strategies into your context, your reality 


How to improve your response to pressure moments

We provide you with the essential neuropsychological justification that underpins why you react the way you do to pressure.

  • Learn from Team GB’s London 2012 approach to “Pressure Training”
  • Explore your personal pressure response
  • Provide you with the tools needed to cope in the ‘pressure moment’

How to increase your resilience reserves to deal with stressors

We unpick your strengths to help you close the gap between your actions and your attributes

We will also:

  • Discover how impactful self-beliefs can be on your performance
  • Provide you with better access to your self confidence
  • Progress intentions to actionable behaviours
Your Team
The Organisation

Some of our recent resilience and wellbeing content

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