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Successful Trust-wide programme delivered at Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust

In January this year, Hatching Ideas were engaged to support Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust in an ambitious Trust-wide change programme involving collaboration with staff at all levels to develop and launch a clear and compelling vision for the future, corporate strategy, values and behaviours, and corporate identity.

Gateshead Health provides a range of hospital, community health and specialist services, and has a proud reputation for consistently delivering high-quality care in a community that includes some of the most deprived people and families in the country.

With the world significantly changed, prevailing uncertainties and a workforce and community wearied by the relentless demands of the pandemic, the Trust set high expectations for respectful and compassionate engagement and outputs that would deeply resonate with their people.

Over a five-month period, the Hatching Ideas team worked closely with the Trust, leading a sensitive, flexible and highly participative open engagement process with hundreds of staff and volunteers across the hospital, community, corporate and support services. These voices were complemented by perspectives shared by governors, patients and external partners – including neighbouring trusts, education providers, the local authority, commissioning groups, and facilities partners. 

By the end of the engagement, Hatching Ideas delivered:

  • An inspirational ‘Vision Statement’ conveying what matters most deeply to staff across the organisation: ‘#GatesheadHealth, proud to deliver outstanding and compassionate care to our patients and communities’ 
  • A professional ‘Corporate Strategy’ reflective of the wide-ranging needs of staff and of the patients and communities they serve
  • An updated ‘Behavioural Framework’ defining the behaviours within staff’s own language to bring the organisational values to life.
  • A refreshed ‘Corporate Identity’ that is truly inclusive of all the people who work for and represent Gateshead Health.

Supporting quote:

Our work with Hatching Ideas has been phenomenal and resulted in one of the most positive and exciting staff engagement exercises we have done for some time. The sensitive and positive way in which Rebecca and her team led us through the highly participative process has resulted in an exciting future-focused direction for the Trust which has been hugely uplifting… it has demonstrated how important it is to give staff a sense of ownership in determining our future direction, given their high personal investment in what come to work to do for our patients every day. I would highly recommend the use of Hatching Ideas,” Yvonne Ormston, Chief Executive, Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust.

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