Not all lessons need to be learnt the hard way

In this virtual series, Hatching Ideas Founder & CEO, Rebecca Bridger, shares her own lessons from and for the workplace. 

All grounded in social psychology, behavioural change, and organisational development. 

Delivered in virtual sessions, that are free to attend. Simply sign-up to reserve a spot and join us on the last Wednesday of every month.

Upcoming Webinar Sessions

26th May 2021
30th June 2021
28th July 2021
25th August 2021
27th October 2021
24th November 2021

Why these essential human skills are anything but soft

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What I've learnt about starting my own business

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What you can do to refuel your motivation and self-beleif

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Past Sessions

Did you miss a session? Don’t worry, due to popular demand, we’ve made the decision to make the past recordings available for a limited period. 

28th April 2021 | 16:00 BST
We all have them. The difficult line manager, the challenging chair, the direct report who is just... difficult. But even the most obstinate objector can be overcome. This webinar shares some of the tactics you can use to persuade the unpersuadable.