Case Study

Hybrid employee onboarding

The Challenge

Hunter AHP is a start-up recruitment firm within the ‘Hunter Gatherer’ Group. Specialists in recruiting professionals across a range of clinical specialities such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. 

The agency was growing rapidly and they needed to increase their headcount. This meant bringing in less experienced appointments who needed to be “taught the ropes”. 

New employees would have a one-day induction, which covered the basics, but the skills required to be successful were mostly taught on the job or through 1:1 guidance with their line manager.

This resulted in several challenges:

Development was time consuming

Line managers had to spent a lot of time getting someone upto speed

Inconsistencies were showing

Skills would be different depending on who onboarded them or how much time they had with their manager

It was impacting delivery

Line managers were trying to deliver their own work and onboard new members of staff

Turnover was a risk

If individuals weren't being given the skills that they need to be successful, they risked higher turnover rates

The business knew they needed to design a slicker process, and that self-directed learning would be key to that. They already had a learning engagement platform in place (Learn Amp), but it wasn’t being used and no one had the spare time or the expertise in virtual learning to develop the content for it.

Our Solutions

As a start-up operating in a competitive and fast-paced industry, an effective onboarding process was critical to ensuring new hires were bought up to speed as quickly as possible, whilst ensuring key members of the team weren’t taken away from their own delivery.

A custom competency framework

We started by defining the competency areas of the business based on interviews with the leadership team, and experience working with other recruitment firms.

Having clearly defined competency areas gave team leaders and employees a clear way to structure content and measure what matters to success.

Once the competency framework was in place, identifying opportunities to improve the existing content used for onboarding staff was easier. 

A new onboarding schedule

Rather than a heavily directed induction and subsequent reliance on the line manager to fill gaps, a two-week onboarding was introduced that included a blend of directed and self-led learning. 

This gave the employee the best chance to get started quickly, without being wholly dependent on their line manager. We redesigned the existing onboarding schedule so each day had a clear focus that aligned to the competency framework created – such as ‘Marketing’ or ‘Candidate Engagement’.

Bespoke development materials

Recruiters can be hard to keep engaged! So the training content needed to be short, sharp, and varied. The Hunter AHP team already had some brilliant training content from staff inductions to use as a starting point, but it required refining to meet the business’s evolving needs and to be suitable for self-led training.

A custom channel was made on their learning management system (Learn Amp) for the onboarding process, featuring eight key topics and almost 50 learning resources – some of which were refined versions of existing content, and some was designed from scratch. 

The content included a mixture of documents, text and quizzes to make the learning experience enjoyable and varied for the new employee.

One of the most important things was making sure the content didn’t just feel professional, but that it reflected the Hunter AHP brand. We reformatted every document and created custom visuals and pictures so the content looked and felt like it wasn’t out of place.

Accessible content

There’s nothing worse than out of date content. With the business evolving so quickly, we knew it was important that team leaders could keep the content up to date without being reliant on us.

We shared every original image, document, and file (over 170 files!) on a cloud-based folder so they could access them anytime.

The Results & Impact

"Hatching Ideas delivered a best-in-class onboarding process. They designed bespoke training materials that reflected the L&D strategy that we set out in the competency framework and we have seen a smoother, more effective process at getting new hires up to speed. We would very happily work with the team again."
Managing Director
Benton Robertston, Hunter AHP
"They produced very real results, both in deliverables and excellent communication strategy. I've been very impressed."
Director of Sales & Customer Services
Joe Hill-Wilson, Learn Amp

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